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Are there any rules about pets?

You must keep your dog with a leash in common areas.
If your dog is not used to stay home on its own, you should not leave it alone in the flat in order to avoid any possible inconvenience to other guests.


Are small dogs only allowed in your facility?

No. We are pleased to host dogs of each type and size and make them feel comfortable in our abundant free space.


Are pets allowed to enter the beaches?

Yes, they are. But only on arranged areas. A pet friendly beach where you can have fun with your pets is nearby our facility.


Are there any playgrounds?

Yes, there are. Our facility provides a large fenced area where kids are free to play.


Has the residence implemented an anti-Covid protocol?

Has the residence implemented an anti-Covid protocol?
Yes, it has. Residence implemented a counter-outbreak protocol, as provided by law.
You can find it here qui.


Can I take advantage of outdoor spaces?

Yes, you can. The residence provides to guests relax zone, outdoor tables and also a barbecue zone.


How can I ask for extra services?

You can ask directly to the staff, during reception opening hours or by phone. We will tell you anything you need and prices too.


Do I need car to move around?

Car is recommended to reach Termoli and many other zones where you can find more entertainment. If you only need to reach shoreside or simply move around Campomarino Lido, you don’t need a car. You can easily go on foot. We provide bike rental too.


Does facility provide hospitality services for companies?

Yes, the facility is available also for companies which need their employees to stay in our residence for both short term and long term periods. You can contact us at phone number 340 84 44 553 or by emailing us at


Any information on breakfast in B&B formula?

As provided by anti-Covid-19 regulation, breakfast is made up of packaged foods, everything you need to prepare tea, coffe and infusions. Everything will be set up into the entrance hall of your room, together with both fridge and horn.

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